#NightThoughts – Be Patient!

5 March 2015 § Leave a comment

today i feel blessed. god open the new road for me and i really excitinh for that. You know what is the meaning from “the right time”? i realized something, that’s a simple meaning.

what? it means you should be patient. don’t worry for everything. even you were in the hardest moment, keep trying. you believe with rainbow after the rain? that’s the right time.

today, i met with my boss, for accidentally, and we talked everything. it was a good moment for me. we shared about everything. wow. that’s really a right time for me.

so when you not yet get what you want, keep in faith. someday you will understand why it is so long. you will feel worth it for everything. try and learn and you will get more than you think. 😊

#MorningThoughts- Come and Go

4 March 2015 § Leave a comment

You can’t expect all the thing in your life will be good all the time. Because it can’t. Never can.

It happened to me this time. I was really happy. I met a new friends, I went with my bestfriends, talking with him all time, i got a new car, and everything that makes me happy. Then, yesterday, it was very disaster!

My new friends not contact me anymore, my bestfriends  like gone, and almost everything make me very sad. Yes, it happened! That’s life right? Things will come and go. You never know when it will come and go.

It’s like “BOOM!”

In that point, i realized something. Maybe, maybe, we are a real drama queen ever in our life. Why? Maybe it wasn’t that bad. It just the time that will make you think and learn something. Maybe, life without problems, it simillar like drink coffee without sugar or eat fried rice without chilly.

That’s why you need a suprises. You need to make a suprises for yourself! Why?

It just to make you feel happy maybe. And when you feel the happiness, enjoy it! Don’t think too much or over thinking for everything. Just enjoy it! Feel the happiness. Smile and spread it.

Because you never know when it will gone.

That’s life! That’s the silly one. I’m living in there.

For every risk i took, i know someday it will be really worth it. :)



#SundayThoughts -grow up!

15 February 2015 § Leave a comment

when the person you love that never love you back, well, it hurt! i can feel what Ted in HIMYM felt. it was true, really hurt. but the hurt thing is when you never say you love him.

when you try to find the other love but you still remember the person who never love you back, it will like that you looking for the emptiness.

how to move on? by looking yourself. give a little room in your heart and let the other love will come.

the cupid is out there. they know who is really for you. the one who maybe will hurt you but he will love you more than you ever know.

when the time will come? well don’t think to much. just let the time heal your life and your pain.

the right time in the right place.

that’s the part of love life. and it will be worth it, someday! really someday! 😊

#JustRealize -HIMYM S08E13-

#MorningThoughts – Just think that you happy!

6 February 2015 § Leave a comment

Life, sometimes it write a mystirious story. Sometime you know what will happen next, and sometime you don’t.

That’s a typical life. It simillar when you watch a movie. You will know when the first time you read the synopsis, what will happen with the main character ending. But, when you just watch a random movie, you don’t know anything. It will give you more suprises.

So, if today you feel happy, be blessed. Even if you feel sad today, you should stay in blessed. Because that’s the part of your life.

Life is like a rollercoaster right?

Life is like a chocolate box right?

Life is like a mystirious gift right?

nah, don’t you worry for everythong. Don’t think way too much. Just feel happy when you want to feel happy. That’s it! ;)

#NewYear2015 – The best thing will come

3 January 2015 § Leave a comment

Wow! It’s been a long time since my last post. Things happen. Yeay, i hate when i keep saying that. It’s like i never feel bless with life. The truth, i feel okay.

So, i can’t believe it, this is already a new year again. Honestly, this year, when i was in the last day of 2014, i feel like i’m in the dreaming. Yes, it is so fast.

It feel like i don’t wanna sleep. It is to many things that i’m not doing yet. It’s not just to look a world but also it’s about to seeing the beauty of love.

So, what i will keep saying for this year, ” It will happen! My dream will come true. My prayer will be answer.”

I must keep my mind in balance. It’s hard to do. But i will try harder to make it balance. Between a positive and negative, there are always an answer.

I don’t know what i write now. It blended!

Well, let’s we see what will happen next. You tell me! :)

#MorningThoughts – How Important Your Love?

4 November 2014 § Leave a comment

When you get older, you will realize, how important your family. How they are really means for your life.

You still live in the silly things, and you will realize the silly things is when you can’t love your family, you will be sorry for the rest of your life.

Turns out, you will understand how important the love from your family for your life. How big impact they smile for your daily life. That’s because your family is everything in this short life.

Your Dad, Your Mother, Your Brother, Your Sister, Your Grandmother, Your Uncle, Your Aunty, and your Friends…

Without them, you are nothing. With them, you are something more special.

Feel blessed for what you have now, and don’t stop loving!

That’s how important thing in your life. Even you feel alone, you still have a family out there.

Feel The Love!

#NightThoughts – is it already in your dream?

20 October 2014 § Leave a comment

People keep saying, when you make a dream, make it bigger so when you fall, is not that hurt.

The others, who hear your dream, just saying take an action, don’t just talk!

But what myself said? Welcome to the dream world! It seems like a dream, but it is real.

When people just look an illusion,you will see the real time.

so, where am i now? In the future, on the way to reach the goal, in the middle of “dream”.

Really? Yeay, call me crazy, but you know nothing about my life, right?

I feel hard to take this way. But in other sight, i feel this is what i want! entire time i’m looking, and i got it!

It seems not perfect, but I can see this is what “passion” always told!

You can’t breathe, the other way, you can’t see. but You really know what you want.

is it not enough? for people who sees never enough until they see what th thropy that i gets.

for me, this is still a journey and i don’t need a thropy to prove my dream. i just need myself to keep telling me to not afraid, keep positive and always have a faith.

because believe or not, you already in that way!

simple! welcome to the dream to be real world soon! ;)


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