23 January 2008 § Leave a comment

How it can to be success ?
Maybe with study or experience.
It’s that enough reach for succesfull ?

Today, i’m so confused. Why? Because of friends. What happen? The truth is fear. I’m frightened with lonelyness. I know i must to be someone who can do everything itself. Although, i can lie myself to live with a friends. Friends is the most important in my life. How must i do? Am i ready?

What i talking about now ?? I can’t understand. I’m just want to learn.

So, this is the problem. I’m scare. I can believe myself. But i must..

If i still doing this, i can’t find my dream.

I must believe in my self….

God help me… I need you GOD!!!

I want to learn…
I want to hear…

I want to lost a fear.

i want make something..

I want to do this…

to make my dream come true…

help me…


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