I Have A Dream

24 April 2010 § Leave a comment

Well, im just realize one thing, who say my dream still not come true?

This is my dream. I make it this, and people make a comment about what i write and think. Sometimes they like it and dont like it.

MAybe this is another shot from what im dreaming. My big dream still there, but my little dream is come true.

I saw His eyes every i wrote this.

Is like all movie i watched. ABout dream, and make it come true. About people love and this life.

True or false,this is my scene. My scene is my BIG MOVIE which is with the small things to reach my big dream.

Just another shot. THat’s what i take.

THis is my dream. I dont wanna screw my this little dream.

Maybe not today, all this what i wrote will becoming a book. BUt i feel this is it what i want. People read, make a comment and we talk about it.

Yes, i dont need money to make this dream come true. Im just need motivation and believe.

Make me believe, Yes YOU DONE it!

What i want to say is PROVE it if you have a dream with the small things. LIke when u climb a mountain. You started from above and then you walking and get in up.

ANOTHER SHOT, is what u do now. I have a dream, and i did it with this small things. THanks GUYS!  For read this. I hope you understand what i means in this. Just take another shot! ^^


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