It is?

9 May 2010 § Leave a comment

Sometimes i just realize what is the mean “welcome to the real world”. What  is the real world supposed? My life, my time, thats a real world right?

And then, times goes by, i thinking one thing it is a real mean.

Confused? Fear? It is real right? Same real like love, like care, like “im crazy with you”.

Action is more means than word. Thats why to begin an action is more harder than say a word. Is kind like a promise not just for yourself but for everybody.

The real things is the real world when people cry and laugh, angry and love, care and lost.

Maybe, this is the thing i never understand. DO you understand what im saying? Okey, what i want to say is a real life. What is life? what is a love? what is a fear? what is a hope? And another “what” thing that become a some question like why me? why im not happy? when i can find the real thing if everyone lies to me? where i can find a safe place? and all then things.

It is a bullshit, if you say you’re not happy because the happy things is when you feel it. You build a feeling to yourself to feel happy. So simple!

IT is a HUGE mistake, if people thing because of them, my life is screw. Because the one who screw yourself is you, not them.  Thats why you must begin to learn how to love yourself before you love somebody else. So simple!

It is a big lie, if you say i can’t tell the truth and think the truth will screw everything. Not like that, when you say the true, maybe it wil make a pain, but is not like that, is more. Is very means. People will know what you thing and why. Its better than people make own suggetion about the lying thing! But DO NOT become A LIAR if you dont want screw everything, even to yourself. So simple!

Can i do like that? Think simple, make it simple, and do simple for all the things.

What i have now? Is one incredible hope, one true love and one amazing faith. Thats why i can still breath until now.

Beside every question in my head, i will find the truth and the REAL thing like always people saying to me.

Everyday is about to begin something with that hope and love to know what is the faith become.

It is not easy. Write this in english is not easy, is like same to think about life every minute. But i can make it simple with writting all things come from my mind. So Life is simple just do whatever it takes.

Don’t blame youself, don’t judge people, don’t screw yourself and people around you.


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