#40MariBerbagi – Don’t Worry

23 March 2011 § Leave a comment

Sometimes, when i wake up in the morning, i always asks myself, how about today? It’s okay for me?

Sometimes, i feel so scared to hear something unpredictable. Maybe it will be good news or maybe is bad news.

I hate waiting! Thats the truth. But, in this life sometimes we must wait until something happen. It’s sucks.

It will make me so worry about that! Yeay, i know it is not good thing.  How i can control it? Maybe it is not really hard, but sometimes because it’s to easy, i feel worry.

Yeay, worry is like a food that i eat everyday. But it’s a possion food! Because it will make you stress and feel sicks.

So, why people always choose to worry?

I don’t know. Coz sometimes i’m so worry. I have a hope, but if i never surrender to Him, i will so worry.

Maybe that’s why, we have know Him. Coz just him who will open a greatest way for us right?

He is the one who know everything. I’m Yours

Yes, when you worry, pray to Him. He will guide you to the best way.

Maybe thats why you need Him everyday.Listen and hear His voice, so you will see His plans for your LIFE 🙂
Don’t worry and be happy.
If you give something, you will reach something.

Jakarta, 23 Maret 2011



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