The Answer Of ‘Why’

17 April 2011 § Leave a comment

Everyday, i can’t stop to asking Him about ” WHY?”

But now i got the real answer. It is not because i can’t but it because i don’t want to stop!

Why? Because i feel enjoy to hurt HIM! Why? Because it’s comfort to make a sin, to have a dirty think, or t have a evil plan.

Why?? The answer is because i’m a human.

I know i will hurt Him if i do all that sin. But, sometimes i choose to blame myself t make Him sad.

So silly! Yeay, thats  a human thing! They know it is bad, but they still keep doing!

They know God will hurt and sad, but they don’t care. Maybe not because don’t care, but it because they feel ‘comfort’ to do all that things.

Oh GOD! Why  in this world must have a sin? Why??

Because He wants to show us how He really love they Son.

Because He wants to teach us about a real love.

Because of us, He really love us!

My prayer for everyday just only one thing, i don’t want to make a sin anymore.

I don’t want to make Him sad because of me.

I don’t want saying i can’t to something that i know i can do it.

I just want Him to be my Father and my teacher of life.

I know, my life is look hard but it so simple.

I know, then i will do it.

I know, then i will leave all my comfort things.

Thank you GOD!

Don’t leave me! Coz i know, i can’t walk alone and i really need You.

Jakarta, 17 April 2011



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