Dear You

13 September 2011 § Leave a comment

Here i am, i’m waiting for you. Like a stupid girls who believes in fairy tales. But i do! Sometimes when i miss you, i’m just want to see your face. But how come i can see your face if i never met you? Dear you, where are you? You know, im dying here, waiting for you. Dear you, don’t you miss me? I’m looking around just for meet you. But it’s zero. I hate being zero. I hate being me like this!

But here i am, i’m a little girls who dream about you since i’m a little. Am i so weird? yeay, i am! I admit it.I just don’t want stop to dream about you. I know you are there. I know you just looking for me. When we will meet? We never know it. DAMN! Sometimes i really wants to meet God to ask about you. But it’s so silly. Sometimes i hate being patient! but everytime i do that, i got some bless from Him.


Yeay, thats a human things right? So, dear you, when you  will meet me? I know you in my dream! really, i always dream about you. And i believe it! Yeay, not really believe it, but i know God will answer my prayer soon rights? I hate when i just saw something blur like this. like my life. Sometimes i don’t get the point for this life. Thats why i really wants to meet you! where are you? Hope i can call you know, holding hands with you, talking with you and looking your smile. It just a shadow! DAMN! You never come to my life, how i can really known you? No never but not yet come to mylife


Dear you,i’m just writing this to remind me someday when i really meet you. Because i do believe it! When i write your name in my blogs, and you are real, then i will read this and i will laugh. This is so funny and silly things. I wrote a letter for someone that i never meet and know, then you will read this in the future and you will make fun of this. 🙂


dear you, when the time comes around, it means i already meet you and know you, please to be honest with me, be my great friends, and don’t cheating. I believe you will be my best guy. Really my dream now, someday when we are have a realationship, i will take a photo everyday, make a story about us and tell everyone who read my blogs about how great of you and Him who already meet us.


Dear you, my love now and forever is Him, my Almighty God. But in my story i really wants you to be a part of my love. I need you to saying to me everyday that everything’s okay. I need you to sing a song for me. I need you to accompany me watching jazz concert or accoustic performances. I need you to be my best friends. Oh, hope someday it will be come true.
Seriously, i will LAUGH when i read this. When you already beside me, say love to me, and be  a part of my life story. Maybe i will make this into a movie. A man who really into me and laughs after read this story! so silly! 🙂


Btw, it’s time for me to back into a reality. So, dear you, adios!  🙂

Thanks to be a part of my dream. 🙂




PS :

sorry about my grammar! i’m not good in English but i’m just trying to write in English. It’s a part of my dream. To be good in English. 🙂 i really appriciate if someone wants to correct the grammar without JUDGING ME, HUMILIATING ME, and MAKE ME DOWN ! I HATE WHEN PEOPLE DO THAT! JUST MAKE A CORRECTION WITHOUT make a comments. If  you can’t do that, just shut up! So i can see your smile when you do that for me.and  i will sincerity of you. Just make me better of this! Thanks…. 🙂


And it just  a fiction! 🙂


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