Dear Sunday

18 September 2011 § Leave a comment

Dear Sunday,

It’s been a long time since I wrote you a letter. How are you? How’s your day? Well, I miss you. You know, maybe I’ve been waiting for a long time to meet him. But, here I am, still waiting. So silly! Its me. Who believe in fairy tale. Why? Because I said so!

Forget it. Let’s talk something else. Today, I went to the church to met my Father. Yes, I’ve been stressed for something that I don’t know. Sunday, why I always like that? Scary about something that , well what can I said, something that I don’t know. Yes, I don’t know what I’m scare. That’s make me down! I hate it, Sunday!

The point is after I went to the church I got a little thing for my life. The things was about Him, my Jesus. I’ve been watched “Waiting For Forever” again. That movie remind me about His love. His been waiting me for forever. His love never stop. And sometimes I can’t breath when I knew about His love. It was so perfect! Can you imagine almost everyday I hurt him but He always said to me ” I forgive you”. Every second in my life, He never let me walk alone.

Yeay, He always teach me about this life with something unpredictable. Really suprising me, when He came in to my dreams.

I believe everything in my life is because of His love. Everyday I prayed, He always listen. He gave me what I need before I asked Him. He always made a miracle for my life. Sunday, yeay, I’m still in love with Him. Sometimes I asked to myself why I can’t stop loving him? Then, I got the best answer. So simple, because only Him who really knows about me. Sometimes I’m don’t know who am I, but He knows everything. He’s great!

Sunday, I want make a pray for all the life in this world. My friends, my family, my patner, my love, and everyone who knows me, who I met. I want they can be happy in His hand.

Sunday, sometimes I made a fool things. Sometimes I’m so pathetic. Sometimes I hate being me. But today, I realize God is really good to me! And I want they know about Him. I want they can be happy and never things they will walk alone, because they not!

Sunday, almost all my dream already came true. Maybe my biggest dream not yet happen, but I believe, if He said yes, then it will happen! He know the right time and the right place for me. Sunday, thanks for being a good friends of me. I love you!

Hugs you more…..


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