Saturday Fairy Tale Story

15 October 2011 § Leave a comment

do I have a love fairy tale? Honestly, yes I do have. Why? Because I’m believe in a true love. What story? Just a simple story, a magic story when I will meet a guy. That guy would be my love and maybe he is the one (hopefully). When your story will be come true? I don’t know. But I’m keep looking, praying and believin. I just know God have a great plan for my life. So, I will keep walking until one time we meet and being together. Then my fairy tale become come true. How do you believe about love? Well, love can hurt your heart. But love is the way you will understand why you must be happy. Love is the part of life to live in this world. Just make it simple about “love”.

Okay, mungkin gue terlalu banyak nonton film drama romantis sehingga membuat gue terlalu banyak berkhayal tentang cinta. Rasanya keliatan stupid banget ya gue. But that’s me! I do believe with my fairy tale.

Okay, skrg gue lum bisa membuktikan. Karena ibaratnya gue masih melayang sendirian. Hanya saja, gue belum menemukannya. Dibutuhkan kesabaran hingga akhirnya ada pertemuan antara gue dan pria itu.

Okay, gue terlihat hanya kebanyakan berangan. But stop judging me! Jodoh itu ibarat kerja. Kau cari, dan kau menunggu. Kalau akhirnya kau mendapatkan, that’s God plans! Why I said that? Karena rancangan Tuhan lebih indah dari rancangan kita. Dan gue sudah mengalaminya. Bedanya jodoh pasangan sama kerja, kalau pasangan itu untuk selamanya, kalau kerja mungkin tidak untuk selamanya, tapi merupakan suatu anugrah.

Okay, I have a fairy tale. The time that I will meet him. That’s my wish. I’m not looking a perfect guy, I’m just looking the right one for me. Because now, I’m looking for the man who wants build a little family with me. That’s what I always pray. I do believe, someday it will be come true. Why? Coz I have a feeling. I’m not scare because now I’m single. But I’m just miss about dating with someone. Its been 5 years since I had a realationship with a guy. That’s why I’m miss dating.

Okay, I’m not a perfect girl. But I do believe, when I meet him, he will understand about me and I will understand about him. That’s what love teach us right? About giving, sharing and loving.

So, yes, here is my pray. God, I miss him so much. Can you answer my pray? Hope you can. And I’m not a desperate, this is what I feel.




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