8 November 2011 § Leave a comment

So, i make 10 list i must to do before i leave this world. Why? i don’t know when i’m gonna died. So, before i know i will died, i must doing at least 7 things from 10. I mean it! 🙂


Here is my list :

1. I want to be a wife and have a bestfriends called husband. If i can, i want to be a mother. So, i can learn how to love my child and how to be a great mom. I want to build a family with him in His hand. Yes, i want to be married in church, make a promise in front His cross, and walk in the altar with my dad. Have a vintage simple wedding with all green and yellow. With a many flowers, balloon, something simple. Not expensive, not to cheap, but so simple.

2. I want live in Europe maybe in Germany, England, Dutch. Why? Because i just curious how it feels if i live in there. Maybe 5 years is enough for me to have  a life , have a friends and have a story.

3. I want feel a snow day. I want make a snowman, make a snow angel and have a snow war.

4. I want have a TATTOO in my hand. I want make a cross tattoo, a rosario, and  JOHN 3:16. Why? maybe i just want to have a something to reminder me how great is our God. and maybe i want to remember to praying with Holy Mary.

5. I must have a green car! because i love driving.

6. I must have a little house. The place which i will live with my new family

7. I want to make my MOM and Dad really proud of me. I want to have something and make she say : you are my precious thing in my life, and i really love you and she kiss me. I want my Dad hug me and said i love you.. Really mean it!

8. I want have a studio which i can make a skirt and dress. I want to have a dress and skirt shop.  Maybe a vintage shop. I want to have my own brand.

9. I want grow old with my love husband. I want died beside him. 🙂

10. I want see my child grow up and become a great person.


And last, before i died, i want to make something to my GOD. I hope, in my future, i never forget His love and never hate Him.
Thats it. 🙂
All my dream is in there.. Hope it really can happen someday. 🙂


Why before died? so, someday i can make  change my list or maybe i will add another wish. 🙂

I have a much time to make it come true. Believe me it will come true someday! 🙂



I’m just saying…


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