its about “but”

15 November 2011 § Leave a comment

Sometime you always make a fake reason. You use “but” in everything.
Example : I have a dream but…. Or I know it false but…

Why people always make “but” in everythings? Why?

So here is my opinion
1. They just afraid to do something new or leave something they like. I had oncetime felt like that. Truth, sometimes I lost my way because I’m afraid to reach that. Sometimes I’m to much think and less do.. So I’m use but for my reasonable.
2. They just need some reason before they do it. Why? Because reason can give an energy but sometimes will be bad if we lost control. I mean, if we make reason to be an excuse. Not good at all right?
3. They just need a friend. To make some decission sometimes we need someone tell us that we can do it. Sometimes we need a cheerleader. I think because we can’t walk alone right? That’s why we need them.

It just my opinion. I don’t know it will right or wrong. But I believe we have a great reason about “But”. We live in world which is like a puzzle. We must search our parts in every way. That’s why we must feel sad, feel great, feel exicted, feel lost. Because everything happens for some reason. And the reason is not “But”. The reason is about “if”. Hope you understad what I’m trying to said. 🙂

Cheers!! 🙂


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