18 November 2011 § Leave a comment

So, Thanks God is Friday right? 🙂

today in the office, i do a blog walking agains. Yes, this is my favorite routine in the office when my job is already done. And here’s some point that i got from some blogs.

– Just realize, yes i love reading a blog about a family. When they told about their family, is look like o God, i want to have one family like that. I know is not perfect like i read, but i believe is so much fun. To be loved, is something precious. Sometimes love is like a difficult things, but that love. I kind like with a love things. Especially when you can share about your love to many people and make inspired them.


– and yes, i just miss my dad. I keep thinking why he left us? why he self-destruct? yes dad, i love you.

sometimes i’m curious, why some people become a dad and mom but they hate their child. Why they just love their child when they are a little? so, why? Oh God, i think i really miss him.


Hey Dad, look at me, think back and talk to me!


But, not about this that what i want to share. Sometimes, when i feel down and think about my dad, i realize, build a family is hard. You will change. You will be a stranger even you know your husband or wife. You must be a leader to your child. YOu have a big responsibility to your child. You are a parents right? You must love your childs. Because they will grow up and they really need love. And if they not got that, they will looking for love. Sometimes, they can fell in something bad. So deal with it if you want to be a parents.

You must be ready.


I think, be a parents is fun even is hard to do. I believe when we met love, we can keep stand into life.I believe, with this things, when i met a guy, i will know he will become a great father to my child in the future. Thats why my pray is one things, i just want him love his family if he ready to build a family. Even maybe he will cheat on me or doing something bad, * i hope is not gonna happen to me.. * i just want he love his child with all his heart. And of course i want he love me too. I just need a pure love from a guys. That im looking for. A man who will bring all his hear to be  love of  my life. Thats my wish about him. I dont need he is perfect or handsome ( yeay little bit). I just need he knows about love is and teach me how to be loved. Thats it.


I know, everything in this life never perfects. Looks many people got divorce. Many child got sick because of their parents. But this is life right?

All we need is love. Just love.

So, God, teach me about perfect love not a perfect life. Because i know when i got a perfect love my life will seems so perfect because of that. 🙂





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