Dear Mom

22 December 2011 § 1 Comment

Hi Mom, maybe im to shy to say this in front of you. But in the deep of my heart, i know you always pray for my life. Thank you Mom.

Hi Mom, maybe sometimes i’m being a jerk. I’m not good enough for you. But i know, you always love me. Thank you Mom.

Hi Mom, maybe you’re not a perfect mothers to be, but for me you are my wonderfull things in my life. You give me a life then, i really thank you because until now i can breathe and see a whole new world. Thank you mom.

Hi Mom, yes, my life is never be perfect. But it make me stronger.

Hi Mom, i know our family is not good like the others. But sometimes i feel lucky i have you beside me. I know you love your family. But sometimes you just forgot how to make me happy. You need another love thats why sometimes you can’t prove your love to us directly.

Without words, i know you love me.

I can see your eyes when i fell , you hold my hands so i’m not getting hurt.

Mom, i love you.

Mom, i just want you to be happy. Don’t get stuck too long in revenge. you deserve to get a new and happily life.

Forgive your past, and move on Mom! Coz it’s the time you look the beautifull life. Is never late to see a greatest things in this life. I really mean it mom! 🙂

I want to hug you and kiss you before i go somewhere.

I want you to know that i always miss you when you not beside me.

I want you to know , you deserve to get a happiness. 🙂


Love you Mom!


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