dear Dad

14 January 2012 § 1 Comment

Dear Dad,

Yes, I miss you again. Why I miss you? Coz you are my daddy. Dad, I still remember that night when I really angry, that you pick me up in church at night, then you said that you love me. You said that someday a man will come to me and i will  married him, so that is the timewhen he was the one who will protect me and makes me happy.

Dad, do you pray for me and him? I know you do. Why? Because you are my daddy. I don’t care what they said about you. I know you not perfect like the others. But you are my daddy that I love.

You teach me many things even is not really looking. You teach me how I can be a stronger girls. You teach me how I must working. You teach me how to love someone. Yes, I know you love us in your way and that’s why sometimes we don’t understand your love.

Dad, I just miss you. Everyday, when I go to mall or public area, I always wish that I meet you without a plan. Why you always cancel our meeting? Don’t you miss me?

Dad, I think I need your support for my life. Dad, can we meet event only for 5 minutes?

Dad, I love you….



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