Dear God

15 January 2012 § Leave a comment

Dear God,

You’ll never late to answer my hope. Yes, now I really feel that you bless me.

You know how to make me smile everyday. When I looked the sky, I saw Your smile.

Yes, You lead me to Your way. But God, sometimes I will stuck and stop for a moment, and maybe because I lost. So, pleace don’t leave me alone. I can’t walk by myself. Because of that, I need You all the time.

Your time is always right, and in the right place. Why? Because I can feel that. When I pray for that hope, You open my eyes to look Your way. Yes, this is what I’m dreaming about. Thank God, to answer that.

Now, I can’t do by myself, and I need You to lead me in Your way. I don’t wanna walk alone. Coz sometimes is to heavy for me! God, yes, is my time to surrender.

I want You to know, that I love You God. And now, teach me how to love and to be loved. Coz I need that.. 🙂

Thank you, God! For everything…


Your daughter 🙂



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