I Could Pass it

10 February 2012 § Leave a comment

Sometimes, i stuck in the middle of my way. I think hard to get out. Then, i just stay quiet.  I looks around me. And see nothing.

Yes, i lost it. I lost in my dream, i lost in my real.

I feel like em…what can i say? feel like “what am i doing now?”

I close my eyes. I can see everything. I saw my childhood. When i was a little, i made a lot of dreams. and i always dreamed to become an adult.

Now, i’m grow up and i was in the middle of way to be an adult.  And sometimes, i can’t deal with this.


But, i keep walking and searching.

I open my eyes. And then I can  smile.

Why i smile?

Because i saw myself that i could pass it in that moments.

The moments when i walking in the procces of life.

I could pass my bad dreams and make it a wonderful reality that i never plans.

Maybe, this is why people keep saying that God way is a misterious.

You never know until you do it.

So, why i must be afraid if i already know everything will be okay? I think this is the proccess of life.

Sometimes, you can’t understand but you will enjoy it.

I could pass my problem.

I could pass my hardest thing in my life.

I could pass it.

And it because i have a BIG GOD!


So, i don’t have any reason to be afraid.


This is a simple things. And i think i can deal with it.

Love is a part of life. Working is an additional. Learn is the best lessons.

Dream is the best way to look a real life.

Family is a wonderful gift. Friends is a the best present.

and my life is a precious things in this world.


Welcome  my silly life! 🙂 Welcome to the university of life!

Yes, it is free, is fun, and is a the best gift ever! I’m mean it! 🙂


And in my decision, i will keep walking now.. and looking for a new adventure.. I will open my mystery gift of life  from God in every day. 🙂



PS : Me in the future, please read this when you stuck in your way. 🙂


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