Dear Mom

13 February 2012 § Leave a comment

Mom, I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.. I always hurt you and make you angry. I know, I’m not a good daughter. Everyday I’m trying harder to make you happy. But sometimes, I’m just make you cry and sad.

Mom, tell me what I must to do? Everyday I’m thinking how to make you proud of me. But now, look at me sometimes you disapprove with me. You don’t like what I like to do in my life. It hurt!

I want you being supportive. I need you everyday to support me. Like you need me to support you.

I’m so shy, when they know how I make you sad. Really mom, I hate myself when I lost control. In deep on my heart, I love you. You are my family, you are my mom.

Maybe it’s hard to be a perfect daughter. Because this is me! I can’t be like you really wants, because I have a life. I try to be a good daughter for you. Yes, I will do that.

God, lead my way to learn how make her smile everyday. Mom, I have a place for you in my heart. I want you to know, you always be my mom, and I always love you.

Yes, sometimes I’m jealous with them who have a perfect family. But when I’m look you, dad , brother and sister, I’m feel very blessed.

I have a simple family. I have unperfect family but they never leave me alone.

Mom, I love you. I hope you can read this. How thankfull I am to have you. Yes, you have a bad habit, I have to. But we must move on. We know its bad, so we must stop to do that.

Mom, let’s learn together how to be a better and good person everyday. To be honest, angry will decrease your happiness.
I’m so so sorry.. Really sorry. Yes, I will try to not make you angry anymore.

Thank you to be my mom..

I love you.


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