Dear You

12 March 2012 § Leave a comment

Dear You,

How are you today? I hope you find.. So, yay, that’s true now I’m thinking about you. Maybe I’m miss you. Oh, when I meet you please tell me what I must to do to make you happy. Or you just be happy with when I’m being me? I hope so.

Do you know about the universe? Do you believe about that? Okay, maybe it’s silly but I believe about universe things. Coz I know, someday you will read this and you have a same feeling with me..

Why I feel confident about that? Coz I writing this letter special for you. The man who I really miss it since I a little.. The man who I believe will never broke my heart. The man who I believe will try not to hurt my heart.

Yes, coz I believe you are be the man that I’m dreaming and looking for. Yay, when I read this, I will smile and feel bless to know you.

Our journey is not easy, I know it before I met you. But I believe we can do it. Because we have love. And you believe in love too.

Oh, where are you? I want write the letter and put your name on it..

The time when I miss you is feel special. I believe when I met you someday and you hold my hand, that will be a special story for my life..

We will fall in love everyday.. We will fight for our relationship. We will learn how to understand each other. We will try not to hurt our feeling. We will never give up until we getting old.

Coz, that’s a love. The love that we really miss it everyday until the time meet us together.

I know you looking for me like I’m looking for you.
I know you pray for me like I’m pray for you.
I know you want to love me like I want to love you.

Dear you, hope someday I really know you.. Hope someday I really meet you in the person. Hope someday you can be honest about our relationship and we can learn together to built our relationship.

Dear you, I miss your smile so bad…. I wish you were here right now…


From me…



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