Never Mind

19 March 2012 § Leave a comment

Crying all days in my life just to pretend i need you is not my choice.

Okay, i must tell the truth. Sometimes i thinking about you.

I still remember our conversation in that night.

We talked about what if  we are 30 we still single, can we get married? we already know each other almost 7 years now. 🙂

Okay, you are my past. I don’t know you will be my future or not. But what i know now is you still be my very best friends.

I miss you all days. Talk about love, talk about life, talk about dreams, talk everything with you.

Oh, man! What if I already missing you?

Okay, God know about my love story. If  it is you are the one, then i will feel very lucky to fall in love with you,my best friend.

If it  is not you, then i will very lucky to have you to be my best friend forever.

But what if i want to feel love  from you? What if i can’t move on and still thinking about you?

what if the love I give to someone is the lie just to make you jealous?

okay, never mind.

Now, i know you are not the one. Coz, you never look me. You just talk to me like i’m your old friends.

That’s okay. Never mind.

It means, God already warn me to move on now. So, i will move on. Let you go.

And keep this heart. Keep this friendship by myself.

Hope someday you will know.

I always think about you.

My best friend.


And if  in the future , we are means each other, i believe we will be a lovely couple.

I must give up now.

oo never mind.. I’m okay now..

I always pray for the best in you life…






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