Teruntuk Cinta (Dear You)

24 May 2012 § Leave a comment

Dear You,

So… Now you already 24. Is not youth anymore. Maybe it is the time when you must be an adult. But don’t try to hard to fit with “adult” status. Sometimes, what you need is just make sure that your life deserve to get the best things.

Yes, dream sometimes it feels sweet. But sometimes it so suck. Don’t worry. Feel blessed because you have a dream. It means, you have something to do before you die. Please, keep smiling. You have a beautiful smile.

Sometimes you don’t get what people got. Its okay. It means you deserve more than that. You have a life. Realize that every single days. Then you will know, you have a love.

Love is more than words. It’s a feel. Yes, now maybe I didn’t got the best love from a boy. But what you must now that you already have a great never ending love from your creator. God is your architect. Believe in him.

You, yes you, now I’m not writing for your dream love, dream boy. I’m writing for you. You is you. You don’t need to somebody else. You already be the best in yourself. You are good. You are precious.

Hey, happy 24 years old your silly fools girl. Happy 24 yearls old your beautiful great girl.

Say thanks for your life.
Say thanks for your family.
Say thanks for your work
Say thanks for your sad
Say thanks for your happy
Say thanks for your mind
Say thanks for your friends.
Say thanks for what ever you done before.
Say thanks for your next plan.
Say thanks for your dream.
Say thanks for your gift.
Say thanks for your letters.


Me in my last time at 23th years.


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