The Letter that i can’t say to you directly

11 November 2012 § Leave a comment

” I will say this to you only for one time. Please listen what my heart feels about you. When we first met, you know, i’m made a wrong choosen. I’m with someone else, then we broke up and you came int my life. I thought that day, i just want to be your bestfriends, and hope you will be my bestfriends too. And that happen until today. Time flies so fast. Until today it come. The day, that i must tell you the truth, how i miss you so much since you gone and hold my hand just being a friends. It’s a hard time for me. And i took all my risk to say this to you. That i love you. And i hope you loving me back if it’s still not be late. Because i don’t want say in the day before you getting married with some other girl or me will getting married with some other boy. All i want, is just clear my heart if you just want be a friend with me. And then i can move on, letting you go, and i will give up at that moments.”


” So, if i never tell this to you, maybe in my future will be have another scene. With or without you, i don’t know. If  love is uncertain too, sometimes, i choose to know who is the guy that i will be fall in love. If it’s not you, i think i would be okay. even in the deep down of my heart, i really wants it is you. I think it’s my ego. To hope that my heart is never hurt because of  you. That’s why, since that day, i keep my mouth on silence. I don’t want you to know my feelings. It’s sucks. To broke our friendship. Because i don’t want to.”


” I wrote this, because i know i will never tell this directly. Because i can’t and i won’t. Maybe , i hope i never wrote ‘maybe words’, but it can be. Maybe i just want to love you. Maybe today will never came if that day i say to you that i do love you and let you come into my heart and my days. ”


” Maybe i would learn about you and try to accept you whoever you are. Because, i want support you, not just be a friends, but more than a friends. I want to see your success, i want to see you when you reach your dream, i want to beside you in your hard day or sad days. I want to hold your hand when you fall. I want to hear all your stories.”


” You know what, i hate to write a sad love stories. When the characters, must letting go their lover. But, whatever it is, i believe, we have our own love stories. That’s why, maybe is not exist anymore. Because if that day, that memories never have, we will never learn what is love wants for our stories. That’s why, i’m ready now, and i telling you this. I’m falling for you. Since the first time we became a bestfriends. I always missed you. ”


” Hope you are in there, in my future. Hope i can walk in the altar and meet you in there. Saying our vows, in the church, and grow up together. I hope it’s you.”


” But i believe, everything will happen for some reason. even if  the truth is, i can’t never be your wife and you can’t be my husband, i think we gonna be all right. And we can tell our stories, to our children.”


” Thank you is the best words and worth it words that i can say to you. Thank you for being my bestfriends. Thank you to talk to me in the middle of night. Thank you to cheer me up when i’m crying. Thank you for accompany me when my heart is broke. Thank you to wishes me all the best in my birthday. Thank you for always be my friends.”

” Hope i can make you feel my love”

” I love you, my friend.”


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