The Moments That I Will Never Forget it!

31 December 2012 § Leave a comment

Singapore Trip with My Best Friends

Valentine Day at Dikotakita (The office that i really like it!)

Farewell with Diana Rikasari from dikotakita

My Farewell party from dikotakita

With my short time worker at retail industries

First Reunion with KMK IBII Class 2006

Bandung Trip In The End A year with KMK IBII Class 2006

 Christmas Celebrate at Bounche Indonesia

My new office until now.

Wish me Luck for 2013. 🙂


My Christmas Dinner with my Best Friends

Well, thats my recap photo’s about my sweet memorries.

Sometimes i felt bad, i felt sad.

But i never forget how to smile.

Every years, i must walked into 366 days, and 52 weeks.

That’s not that horrible and scary!


Because i can still walking, talking and do what i want with my two hands

My wish are simple

-I wish a great years

-I  wish i can make it happens all my dream

– I wish i can see what i never saw in 2012

-I wish i can be a good person for everyone

-I wish i can still working to be a copywriter, a writer, and a blogger

-I wish i can meet a lot of great people around the world.

No more scary things!

No more worries!

 Little dreams already happened

it’s time to be make a bigger dreams.

Be Brave! Be okay!

Everything is gonna be LOVELY! 

Happy New Year 2013!!


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