I dreamed a dream

15 March 2013 § Leave a comment

Well, i bet you familiar with this tittle from Les Misserable soundtrack. I will not talking about this song, what i want to talk in here is about the dream. I never been bored to talk about dream. It’s nice to talk but sometimes it is so s*cks to reach it. Are you agree with me? Hmm, let me try to tell you the truth based on my mind about that d*mn silly dream to make it come true.

There are 13 ways how to make you dreamed about “dream” to become real. The point that i made maybe is from the quotes or song tittle or maybe movie. Why? Because i believe that words is more than word. So, please let me to break down in here

1. It’s not easy being green

That’s the truth. Why? Sometimes when you want to grow up, you must walk with many challenge. Sometimes it will hurt you. Beside that, you can spread the joy to everyone after you being “green”

2. Dream job doesn’t exist you must create it

I got this words from Diana Rikasari Instagram. This is make me think about something. If there are no dreams job, it means there are no a dream life too. Why? Because you must create it. Yes, that dream, if you want to make it come true, just do it like Nike tagline said. It’s as simple as like that but it’s hard to have a commitment. You must be sacrifice to reach it. So, the question is, are you ready for that? If yes, let’s do it!

3. Stop saying to someone “you can’t do it”

Did your parents said this to you? If yes, well, let’s think positivily about this words. Maybe it’s a  hurt words, but beside that it can be your spirit words. the simple things is think opposite. When people said this to you, well just think “oh, that means i can do it and i can prove it.” I believe the biggest power to do it is from what you think not from what people said about you.

4. Don’t dream it is over

Your dream is never over. Why? When you reach your small dream, you will think about the other dream. Maybe it is like when you go to up with a stairs. You must walk one by one to get the upstairs. You can’t let your knee step two or three stairs together. Right?

5. Positive think always can kill negative think

Every book that i read always have this value. Think Positive  with positive think. Everything is possible, impossible is nothing. Simple!





6. Don’t think hard, but enjoy it.

If you think really hard about your dream, you will get nothing. Dream is like an idea, for me. It can easy come and easy to go. Easy to keep it, easy to lose it. That’s why you must enjoy it with writing about those dream. Put the pictures in your mind about your future. I believe this hope is a little prayer. Someday, you can smile about that. So, enjoy that dream and make it come true.

7. Slowly but sure

My bad habit is when i writing or do something, i always in hurry. Then, i ruin everything, i made almost the same mistake.Well, that’s why sometimes you must take a slow but make it sure that will be ‘perfect’. At least, you know that you can do it!

8. Take a leap!

Who like HIMYM series? i like that tv series especially in season 4 episode 24 when Ted will become a professor. It’s a simple thoughts like Lily said “let universe tell you what you must to do”  Sometimes maybe our plans can be done like what we think but in the opposite maybe you can get more than that. In this series, Ted finally found his wife in the college that he teach. Life is full of suprisely!


9. Be confidence, Be what you want to be and grow up!

Being adult or mature it’s hard. But it’s more than a choice. If you never want be grow up, you will stay in same place for a long time. What i want to say is let’s think to grow up! It’s the best way to make your dream come true. Seriouslly! You can hide yourself in the big box. You must get out and take a challange to make it come true. It’s scary but it’s okay to being scary.

10. Be afraid, don’t be afraid. But be BRAVE!

If you afraid, you can look the mirror and say, i can be brave. Yes, if you fail now, it means you already trying. Then, you can fix it. Okay right?

11. You create your success

I always read about resolution. People usually write a resolution by the end of year. For what? To make their life more better. Well, that’s how you create your success. Make a list and then try to do it. Beside that, it can be your biggest challange. If you done it, congratulations you already in your own success.

12. When you believe

Maybe you can  really ‘fly’ but you can believe that you can ‘flying’. That dream can be come true when you believe it can be come true. It’s based how you act to make it come true.


13. All of those way are the hardest things to do

Yes, i agree with this. Well, it’s hard for me too that’s why i write it in my blog. So when i felt down, i felt i can’t do it, i can read this again and then i can see that my spirit will be rise again. Like this quotes : ” why do we fall? Because we can rise again.”


That’s okay for now to be sad for yourself. But  DON’T LET that kill your dream. YOURSELF is GREAT AS EVERYONE LIFE. We have a unique things that make us felt blessed. So why you must be another lifes if with your life you can feel happy too?

Shout to yourself ” I CAN BECAUSE I WANT!” 🙂


Hope this can help you! 😉



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