Life Must Go On 3

20 March 2013 § Leave a comment

Well, it’s damn hard to be a patient person. But, it must to do especially in this silly life. There are no something instant out there. What you need to do is waiting until the universe got an answer and then you can enjoy it for the rest. Even though, i  realize something. Maybe it can help us to prove that things are worth to be wait.

1. Something Happens for some reason

Sound’s silly right? Sometimes it is. When you let it go, the things will look okay. Don’t to much worries!

2. Enjoy yourself!

Who said you’re not talented? Who said you’re not creative? If it is yourself, well, CHANGE your mind right now! Or you will be sick will yourself forever. Don’t wanna stuck with something is not really true right?

3. You are what you think

Usual words, with big wisdom. If you think you’re a pretty, then you are. If you think you can be a champion, of course you can. You have the power for that!

4. Don’t too much listen what people said

Try to figure it out first what they said about you. If it is a good thing, then you must listen it. If it’s bad? Don’t make let you down when the said that.Try to looked yourself. It is true or not. IF not, then prove it!

5. It’s your life

you are who create your life stories. You must have a faith for it. Then you can do all of those things with a great feeling. Create the best stories for your life. Don’t hide to long! All of those are worth it for your life. 🙂


Be Patient is A Passion! Just enjoy it. 


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