Life Must Go On- part 4

7 June 2013 § Leave a comment

Well, it’s been so long since i posted my last topic about this. So, today i will share about ‘lazyness’.

I believe you know and like “the Lazy Song” from Bruno Mars right? well, sometime you can being lazy. But, not all the time. Because it will kill you like slowly but sure.

You already in halfway for your dream, i mean it is unfortunate, right?

I know, it’s hard to get what you wants. I know, it’s so silly when you go to reach it. I know, people will say something about you, but who cares?

You are what you think. I believe if you can think like that, you will understand why you do this now. Today, is your future. Your day must go on. Your life is when you start breathing every morning. That’s you.

But, how to be not being lazy? Hmm, let me tell you this, i hope it is gonna help you.

1. “Think Negative about Lazy”
It’s opposite from “positive think”. Well, if you think negative about lazy, it can boost your mood. I mean when you said to yourself if you not doing now, so when you will start doing? Time flies so fast. If you waste your time because you are to lazy, well, you be chagrined someday. You don’t want that’s happen to you right?

2. “I just want effort”
If you to lazy to do something, you will not feel that effort. You will go nowhere. You will stay in there forever.Wow.. that’s too bad for your life! no wonder people will give you a bad look about your life. So, don’t wanna that happen to you? Let’s do it!

3.” You Make it!”
Okay.. get a presents are good. But, you hadn’t the process from that. I mean, you must make it. And how to make it? You must do it. How to do it? Just do it! Don’t be lazy and just sit in there to wait someone give what you want. You must prove it that you can make it! That’s it! A presents are another awards for your effort.

4. “Enough for being jealous”
Love what you have! Just love it! I know it’s hard.. When you look your neighbor, their grass is more green than you. But, it doesn’t mean you can’t make your grass more green than them. Seriouslly, if you just stay envy for so long, your grass died because your ego. Oh.. that’s really bad, my friends! So, let’s take a look a bright side from your life. Every people in this world have their own ability and talents, just like you.

5.” Being fail, that’s okay!”
Sometimes your failure will show you that you already aiming high enough. That means you are not a lazy person. IF you fall, you must rise again. Don’t give a little hole to give up! Rise and rise again! Tell yourself, “today i’m fail, tomorrow i will make it!”

That’s it! Remember you are braver than you believe, you are stronger than you seem! If they can do it, so you do!

The best thing not yet come, so, make it come!

Happy a nice weekend! 😉


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