The Seasons

11 August 2013 § Leave a comment

You know but you don’t understand.

Sometimes, i feel like that. I know i’m supposed to be love my life. But what i have is a lot of excuse. I’m being lazy to ask “why” i must love my life and look for the answer as well. Then, i’m become confused for nothing. I lost my direction and i’m blacked out.

Who feel the feeling like this?

It’s an ordinary. That’s why life is like riding a rollercoaster.

We have a time to getting afraid because of high or because of the rain will come while we ride a rollercoaster.

We have a time to feel so calm, like a color of flower.

We have a time to feel so lonely. It’s like tomorrow will never come again or we want to kill a new day.

We have a good and bad time, sad and HAPPY time, we lost and we found again.

That’s the part of our stories. We have a seasons for all of this.

So, how to settle all of this crap?

Simple! Think and stop think, then look at the sky!

Too much think make you forget what your priority to do.

Less think make you lost your balance to see the reality comes on you.

Make a spare time to think and stop, then look a sky.

Why sky?

Because that’s the answer for all your question.

It’s blue. It’s unreachable but we can see all possiblity in there. We can feel the wind and we can hear the bird singing. We can open our hands to feel the nature.

The important things is because in the sky, GOD see us. We can talk all about our dream and make it possible come true.

We can change our mind when we see the rainbow after the rain. We can do more better things after the dark. We can create our light when the sun comes out.

What is all about?

It is about how blessed your life! It is about why you must love yourself. It is about why you must SPREAD Joyfull and not become a selfish!

You are not alone! Never be alone!

God said to us, “You are adorable! Because I created you so!”

Good night!


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