I want to know You God!

15 September 2013 § Leave a comment

When i feel lonely, i hug myself and stay alone in the room.
When i feel empty, i close the door and hide from everyone.
When i feel sad, i cry a lot and i hate my life so much.

Maybe, there are a typical situation in our life. Who feel the same with me?

Now, the question is what should we do?

Do we run away from all of this?
Do we have a power to face it?

Honestly, sometimes i can’t handle it!
I choose to hate my life than to love it!
I let my mind to think, my life is not wonderful!
I prefer to keep feel envy with another life than to look my own life!

Yes, i’m so wrong! Of course, God really sad to see me like that!

But, our GOD, OUR BIG LORD, will never leave me, leave you, leave us!

In every situation, HE always be there. Sit beside us, stay in there, and watch us.

Sometime, HE GIVE us a BIG HUGS!

You know what, YOU LIFE IS WONDERFULL! See now! Don’t see when you sick or you feel lost, but see now!

This is your time! When you take a deep breath, see how great is our God, how precious is our life, how blessed is our love!

That’s why you can see the beautiful sky, when you feel down.
That’s why you can holding His hand, when you fall.
That’s why you can crying a lot, when you feel empty.


Because GOD IS THERE for you!

God want to KNOW YOU MORE! And say to Him now, ” I want to know you GOD!”

When you know more about GOD’s love, i believe, you can more BRAVE to settle down with your life!

God Bless You!


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