Are you dare?

21 October 2013 § Leave a comment

Do what ever you want to do. Time is free for you to do what you love.
Be what you want to be. Life is a gift for you to take a chance to be you.
Go where ever you want. World is big enough to take an adventure.
Dream what you hope in the future. Because when you dare to dream, you will see the truth about life.

Dare to take a path to see how long you already walked away.
Dare to challange yourself to feel how great you are.
Dare to fly to look how big your dream.

It’s enough to take a reason. But never feel enough to take a shot! You have so many chance to do. But don’t waste it what you get today.

Life is not only about you.
Life is how you look around you beside where you stand out today.
Life is when you take a smile and give them a chance to be happy.
Life is where you belong today.
Life is what you dream since you a little.

So, that’s a life.


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