Life is being flexible

22 October 2013 § Leave a comment

I felt blessed with my last weekend. In that Saturday, i went to a Feast, LOJF, and i heard about scandalous grace. It’s weird, when the first time i heard about this theme. But then, today, when i walked home, i realized something. Why this theme is a part of Love Tank?

I don’t know if it is true or not, but i have a faith about this. Sometimes when we feel jealous with someone life. For the example, when our boss take our co-worker ideas then us, we feel like, “oh, why my ideas not been picked? What’s wrong?” Then we will be so jealous with them. This is always happen in our life. Not only in our office, but sometimes in our home.

Instead of that, our heart will be feel empty because of this jelousy. Just believe we will get the bless that really for us. I mean, if we already have a faith with this, why we must be envy with someone else?

Our life is precious. That’s okay if we don’ t get what we want as long we still try yo get what we deserve it. So, be flexible! Open your eyes and mind to see how beautiful this life.


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