#FromHome – Thinking A Lot Of Ideas

12 November 2013 § Leave a comment

I never been like this before. When I woke up in the morning, my mind keep telling me what I should do today. So here is my list :

– Writing my experience
– Don’t stop writing
– Keep writing!

Yes, everything is about a writing. Why? Because I have a dream. That dreams keep push me to do something. Okay, maybe I’ve been a lot of speak about this. But nothing is useless if you keep tying to push your mind to do it. So, when the day comes and people ask me “Why now?”, I will have an answer. Not just “because this is it”, but I can prove what I believe.

Life is unpredictable. I believe with this. This morning, when i walked to my office, i always looking to buy some food for a breakfast. Sometimes, i know what i will buy. Either it is a porridge or cereal. But sometimes, i don’t have an idea what i want to eat. Then, i found Pukis, Indonesian traditional snacks. In Jakarta, sometimes you can only found Pukis in the market where sell Martabak or Cakwee. Then i bought it.

From this story, i have one conclusion about life. Just enjoy it! Simple, and people always talk about this. The hardest things to make a simple life is when my mind build a complicated series. What? Yes, complicated series is like a drama. Sometimes, drama is a good things for my stories. But sometimes, drama is my biggest enemy. So, what i will do? Well, I’m thinking this:

– Accepted
Every people in this planet have their own drama. So, you are not alone.
– Take a process
This drama is just a drama or it can be more than a drama. How to deal with?
– Deal it
Change your word, change your world. Instead of saying, “I have some crisis,” say, “I have some lessons.” -Bo Sanchez-
– Give a big smile
Smile is the best mood. Smile is the best face. Smile is a clue to be happy. Even my smile is fake, but I can feel more than that. Smile change everything. From miserable into a joy.

Well, it just a beginning. The hardest part is keep doing it. Can I do it? I believe I can because I believe I can fly. So, I will change “maybe” into “surely.” Happy Tuesday!



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