#FromWorkspace – Twelve, what’s wrong?

15 November 2013 § Leave a comment

Yesterday, i had a bad night. Like always, traffic in Jakarta was bad. I got stuck in the street for like one hours. And that happened because of nothing. Okay, something happened, the traffic light was not working really well.

Thank God, today i got the bus early.

So, yesterday i was realized something. I had been want to have an iPod for 12 years. Wow! So long right? Since Steve Jobs made an iPod, i was dreaming to have one someday. And now, i have it!

My point is when you want to reach a dream, you need to be patient. It takes a time. For how long? We never know. But one lesson that i can learn is you need yo keep the dream in the deep down on you heart. Keep pushing yourself to reach it. It is not easy.

I know it! I have a lot of dream that i keep it in my life. To go there, i must deal it with a lot of obstacles. Sometimes i don’t believe that my dream will be come true. Sometimes i just think it just a dream and that never have a meaning.

For this point, i was wrong. It means something for me. Even it was a little, but when i got it, i feel really excited.

Maybe, the reason is because i make a lot of limitations. Wow! That’s bad! When you create a dream, please don’t make a limit, don’t make an excuse! You can waste your time!

Okay, sometimes we don’t need to be hurry to make our dream come true. We can takes our time slowly but sure. But still you need to try harder to get it.

Again, it is not easy.

One thing what i still believe until now is about the right time. I remember one episodes from How I Met Your Mother, you can watch season 4 episode 24. The story when Ted met Stella husband when he want to baggles. And that meeting, changing his life. That’s the path for him to meet his wife.

If that day he didn’t met Stella husband and didn’t took the job to be a professor, he will never the girl that he always looking for. So simple, universe have a plan.

I believe with God and universe plan. What i need to do is keep trying to reach it. Keep looking the value behind my journey.

That’s what you need do it too. Keep your dream deep down in your heart. Imagine if that happen someday. You will be glorify for that dream. Don’t kill your dream!


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