#FromWorkspace-what you expect when you’re expecting

19 November 2013 § Leave a comment

Like riding a rollercoaster! That’s what i feel now. A years ago, i have a same feeling like today. Am i wrong?

Sometimes i don’t really understand what i want to do. Is it to make someone impress for my work? Is it to make a value for myself? What i expecting?

I believe, i know about that. But i just make a reason and excuse. Am i confuse? Of course, i do!

This is not the point that i write about my journey everyday. I must admit sometime life is not the good like what i think and what i expected. Maybe that’s why we need to be an adult!

If i think again, what i have done, i look nothing. But what i want? I have a lot of things.

Being patient is boring, sometimes. Be waiting is tired, sometimes. But thia is what i must deal with it right?

One day, someone said to me that i’m not creative! For me? It’s hurt! I feel like i just jump from 9th floor on the building. But the reality? Maybe i am! So what i should do? Take it and renew my life.

How i can be creative? Be spontanious!
Like now, maybe! After waited 15minute for a bus, i took a reverse bus from my home. I went to somewhere else.

Take a note. Some book said like this. I need to write every my ideas.

Deal with a mistake. And prove it that you can go right.

How about the taste? What if my taste is really bad? What should i do to fix my taste?

Well, everything will turns okay when you believe. Maybe this is your time to relate your old resolution into the new one. Eximine what already happen and fix it! Nothing will going well if you don’t feel the pain.

Just be flexible and everything will be allright.


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