#FromWorkspace – Praying is Good

26 November 2013 § Leave a comment

I born in catholic family. My mom is catholic and also my sister and my brother.

I feel blessed that i know about the praying things. Even when i feel down , praying can make me calm.

The best thing about praying is you can telling everything. No one will judge you or maybe angry and make a complain with your prayer . Why? Because there is no wrong prayer. All prayer is good because is come from the heart.

Sometimes i reduce my stress with praying. It works really well. Maybe thats the best medecine ever.

Who is the one will be hear our prayer? Of course he is God! From i believe.

How we can pray? It is a simple thing. Everytime you have a thoughts about sometimes, bad or good, that is can be a prayer. That is why we must really careful with our mind.

Don’t worry how to have a good prayer. Just saying what you think. God know the best before we ask Him to answer our prayer. It happened a lot of time in my life.

So, just say ‘thank you God’ now and God will give you a best dream. Nite


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