#FromHome – What If

17 December 2013 § Leave a comment

What if people will not see you stand in here? Or maybe people don’t look that you belong in here?

I am wrong before i knew that people really care about me. No, that’s not the thing. I am wrong before i knew that i really care about myself. I believe i really belong in here. Maybe i walk so slowly, but i have something behind my journey. I have a faith for my life. So, i care about myself, someday people will care about me. But, that’s not my main point. I just want to learn how to love myself, stay in love with my God and spread the love to the other people.

What if there is no respect in this world?

Wow.. I think the world gonna be more disaster. How you can live in the world with not respect? I can imagine there will be need more power to struggles in the place like that. For me, that is gonna be the place that i will never go there. It is like a hell for me. But, in the reality, sometimes i accidental go to the place that i must deal with ‘no respect’ things. It’s hard for the first time. Then, i’m looking the reason why they can’t respect with me. Because i’m so curious. What i found? Maybe that because i’m not respect with myself. So, i try to respect all the things in my life. Maybe no respect world is only in your imagination. It’s not really true. I believe with karma. If you give the best you have, you will get the best.

What if there is no chance to see your life?

Sad. That’s the first word shout in my mind when I write this question. A long time ago, I was in that position. I cried a lot everytime it thought that my life is really bad. That i had no chance to live in this world. Again, i was wrong. Because i have a lot of chance to see how beautiful this life. Thank GOD, i know Him first before i know the world. He is the one who give me a life and a reason why i should take my life in His hand. He give me a freedom to make a choice. But He never leave me.

What if you unsuccessful to reach your dream?

Maybe I’m going to be fail. But at least i know that i already try. If i never try, i will never know what it feels. So, i believe i can deal it with the failure. It will not be hard if i can see the bright side behind this failure. What’s the most things I’m going to be afraid is when I don’t have a believe to try.

What if you live alone?

I don’t want to! And i believe i never live alone.


*just a random question and answer in this morning. 🙂


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