#FridayNight – Rockin Around on Christmas Tree

20 December 2013 § Leave a comment





I can’t believe it, Christmas will come as soon. Have I already prepared very well? Honestly, this year I try hard to not feel the Christmas. But what can I say, Christmas spirit is already around me. I can’t resist this atmosphere. It just to good and I love how Christmas can spread the joy.

So, when I realized in 5 days, Christmas is coming, I feel so special. I start to put a Christmas Song’s on my iPod. I start to wear a Christmas dress code, with green, red, yellow and all the bright colors.

Then, I realized how i really love the Christmas song. Here they are, my favorite Christmas and how these songs really touch my heart.

1.    All I Want a Christmas is You by Mariah Carey

Eight years ago, i used this song to dance. That was the first time that i became a dancer for celebrate Christmas in my collage. I still remember how to dance to this song. I still remember about my costume. That was a great day in my life.

all i want


 2.    Jingle Bells Rock – Ost Mean Girls

Did you watch ‘Mean Girls’? I watched that movie five times and i just like the scene when Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Seyfried and the gangs, dancing to this song.

3.    Santa Claus is Coming to Town by Michael Bubble

I used to be the girl who believe with santa. The idea about Santa will bring a present and say to him about your wishes, then God will answer you,  always make me happy. And that’s reminds me about the time when i and my friends did a Christmas Carol. It was really fun and unforgettable.

4.    White Christmas by Michael Buble

I am really dreaming about a “White Christmas.” Living in the country with only two seasons, makes me really curious about the snow. How it feels when i touch the snow? How it feels when i lay down in the snow and makes an angel? How it feels when i walking in the night and i look the sky and it is snowing? How it feels when i decorate my house and putting the socks in the fireplace? How it feels when i wake up in the morning and it is snowing? Wow.. Santa, this is my wish! I wish i can live in the country with four season! I promise i will be a good girl!

 5.    Have Yourself Merry Little Christmas by Michael Bubble

I never have a big Christmas. My christmas night always been simple. I am just sitting down in front my christmas tree, listening a Christmas song and praying. But i am always dreaming that i have a big dinner Christmas with my family and my lovely friends.

6.    Christmas Time – Backstreet Boys

When is my favorite Christmas time? The day when it rains. The day when i’ve a dinner with my bestfriend. The day when I went to the church and took a photo with my mom and my sister.

“There is something special. About this time of year. A Christmas feeling’s everywhere….To share my love. Friends are reunited. One big family. Filled with love.”

 7.    We Need a Little Christmas – Glee

“Yes, we need a little Christmas….Right this very minute….Candles in the window…Carols in the spinet”

I just heard this song a few days ago. Well, I like it! It’s like a Christmas in Disney world.

 8.    Silent Night

We sing this song on Christmas Eve.This song was heard for the first time in a vilage Church in Oberndoft, Austria, in 1818. The lyric of the songpoem was about the night when angels announced the birth of the long-awaited Messiah to shepherds on hillside. Every time i heard this song, i feel so calm because the song was beautiful.

 9.    Joy To The World by Mariah Carey

This is one of popular Christmas Carol. I sing this song as well, when i did a Christmas carol a long time ago. “The Lord is come. Let earth receive her king! Let every heart prepare Him room.” A simple lyrics with a big message. When I was in college, I also used this song to dance. It was so joyful.

10.  Winter Wonderland By Jason Mraz

Honestly, i just got this song which singing by Jason Mraz, a few days ago. Personally, i like how Jason Mraz singing. “Snow is glistening. A beautiful Sight. We’re happy.” Every time i heard this song, i always say my prayer that i hope someday i can really feel winter wonderland.



image: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/106608716152918870/


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