#FlashFiction – My Name is Love

29 December 2013 § Leave a comment

My name is Love. Yeay, it’s sound cheesy. But my father said that he gave the name for me because i born with love. So, he wants me to grow up with love which it was really hard honestly.

One day, he told me that Love is more than an expression. Of course, when i heard that, i wasn’t understand what he means.

After all, i figured it out. Why he gave me name with “Love” and why not he gave me “susan” or “Emma.” He just true that life need love. And that’s the reason he gave that to my name.

One day, when i went to the office, with a broken heart because my boyfriend dumb me, i remember what he used to said to me. A really simple words that been put in my head. He said, “life is never been perfect until you realize that you are different than anyone else.”

He told to me with his green eyes and he hold my hand and then he hugs me. But he didn’t really there. i just pretend that he was there and gave me all his love. The truth is that he told me that words when i was a little girl. And now, he was in the heaven.

That day, when i really broken, i can get all the pieces of my heart because of my dad’s word. It really means to me.

So i realized, because my name is special, i must make my life more special than i ever thought before. I don’t want to dissapointed my dad or myself. I just want to learn how to live with love.

Love is life.


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