#FromWorkspace – real talk

10 January 2014 § Leave a comment

I just realized, sometime technology really make me sad and feel lonely. Why? Because that make me lost the chance to have a real talk. Even i meet and hangout with the real people in front of me.

Or maybe it just me who feel like this? Or my bad to have a friends like that? I don’t hope so.

I just read the article from buzzfeed you can read here. There is one point that i think it was true.

The point that said “Spend quality time with your friends that doesn’t involve going to a bar and texting other people.”

Not only with friends, but also with the family. Yes, i had been lost a plenty a time to have a quality time with the people i love.

Please people, stop doing like this! You have a time to get busy with your phone or your internet. A lot of time that you can spend. But not when you have a drink or dinner with someone or people. Even they bored you! I prefer you leave or you ask me to leave then i look them ignore me with gadget. I’m okay to leave! 🙂

Hmm.. So, maybe i called this post #hope2014


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