#AtHome- Close Your Eyes

4 February 2014 § 1 Comment

I’m gonna writing this. Well, it’s has been so long since my last post. And i don’t want to make it a month. So, i’m back with some story.

Well, there is a boy in my past. My first boy who came into my dream when i’m a little girl. I still remember his eyes. I always thought it is so silly. But, it happened. It was a really hard time to forget about him. So, i think, even there was just childhood love, sometime it was the beautiful moments in your life. Or maybe it just for me. I don’t know.

So, i watched the new episode HIMYM today. And i think Ted make a good point when he talked to Jeannete. It’s love when you really care about someone and you will do anything to make her/him happy. No matter what. But, another point, sometime you must letting go the person you really love the most. It’s not you’re deserve them, but it’s because you already have the right person for you in the future.

Sometime, when i watched this series, i always ask to myself like this :

how it feel when you have someone who really love you like Ted Mosby? 
And how it feel when you be a Ted Mosby that you must lose the person who you really love the most?
The answer is … you know the answer! 

Get it? or cheesy? Yeay, i admit it that sounds cheesy. But i like cheesy. It like a suprises for me.

Anyway, the hardest way to forgeting and letting go someone are when you close your eyes, you will looking her/him in front of you. Another things, you can’t just thinking about the person you love, you must do something to make her/him know your feeling. IF you don’t do anything, maybe feeling is just a feeling. Not more than that.

Or you are to scare? Or you don’t have any chance to do that? I don’t know. You have the answer to yourself. Notto me.

But one thing that i really believe for now is life goes on. No matter what happened to you, don’t lose your hope and faith. That is the real important things in your life.  Someday, your prince or princess will come to your life. Just keep looking!

Nice stories HIMYM! 🙂


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  • rk.adi0202@gmail.com says:

    Very Inspiring 4 me, thx Catatan Hijau. Now ill start my life today with the more spirit.


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