#Saturday – Pure Love = Everlasting Love

8 February 2014 § Leave a comment

Did you get it? Well, if you don’t, honestly, sometimes i don’t get it either. I still learn about that until now.

I’ve been learning about that since i’m a litte girl. 7 same mistakes in my stories were enough for me.

I will not afraid to find a true one. I’m just afraid when i met him, i will screw up.

But i don’t want to lose a faith about love.

It is true, you can’t just stay at home without doing anything. You can’t just pray without do an action. You can’t just hope without meet a guy

I’ve been dreaming about love since i met this boy. He introduced me about a friendship between boy and girl. I’ve live with that for a long time ago. Sometimes, i’m getting bored. But, i try to cheer my heart up. Sometimes, i felt useless. But i try to talk to myself that i’m important too.

How about this? Did you get it?

if you want to meet a right person, be a right person to him. Or you will make a same mistake again and again.

Take you responsible! You already have a lot of mistake now it’s your time to fix it.

Let people help you.

You need a help for yourself. You need a help from another people.

Don’t let your hurt keep hurting you. It’s a time.

To moving on. To letting go. To forgiving your past.

You have a good stories to write. You have a bad stories had been written. It’s enough.

Don’t just say enough, but take a look of yourself now.

It just a random thoughts. That’s okay to write in here.

Someday, you will read this again. And this will remind you.

In the future, you have a great life. A true love. An everlasting love. A healthy love.

The big picture about your family is somewhere. You just need to walk to get there.

Don’t need a worries, but bring you faith to get there.



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