#Sunday – I can’t Imagine Doing Anything Else

9 February 2014 § 1 Comment

Romantic, Drama, Comedy are the genre of movie that always feel so cheesy. They have a pattern for each movie. Meet, separate and back together. The difference of this movies is the background. From the job, where they come from, and what they always do.

For me, that cheesy movie is like a life. Sometime, i meet with some people. Talking with them. And then we separate. Another time, we meet again. We will make a decision to be a friends or just the person we know. If we fall in love, we go to the relationship door.

That’s why i can’t imagine doing anything else. I like that kind of movies. It’s not that complicated, and i know what the end gonna be. I can expect without big expectation. Because there are only two end of the movie stories. Happily or sadly. Happily that means they back together. Sadly that means either one of them died or they just go away or not together. What people always choose is a good ending. Happily until the end of time.

Well, again it just a random thought. I just can’t stop thinking about movie. I like movies. I like the stories. I like to imagine all of them. That’s it!


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§ One Response to #Sunday – I can’t Imagine Doing Anything Else

  • what a sweet thought..
    yes.. somehow.. our life didnt go so far from movies..
    because movies it self made from human natural’s life..

    want to follow each other to be friend?


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