#NightThoughts – i need a place where i can found myself

17 February 2014 § Leave a comment

The reason why i really addicted with west movie is because of the character in there. I never saw the movie which told the story about the main character lived in their parents.

What’s wrong with that?

I saw an independece that i can’t found in my life (for now). With all the tradition in my country, (in my opinion), it was really hard to move out from your parents. Unless, you getting married.

Yes, i’m looking a freedom. This is really embarassing ( for my life especially).

Why i can’t get out?

Because i can’t lose the trap in here. It’s like ‘karma’ ( if i’m not wrong about that word). When you get out from your parents house and they didn’t agree, they will shout you and scare you.

who likes being scare? No one!

But in my age now, i feel like i’m in the BIG TRAP!

My office is really like my second home. But i need a third home. The place that i can show my art, my soul, my mind and my dream. The place that i really belong.

I’m in the scary circle. I’ve been frightened because of the doctrine from my parents. If you do that, you will feel that. So, it is wrong( even the truth that will make you stronger).

Yay, i hate that. So, what can i do?

I need a reason to move out.
Maybe i really need a far away place to move out. The place that i will gonna miss my parents. That is my dream place.

I need to move out from this country. Meet a lot of people out there. Talk with them and be a friends if it is possible.

I remembered the time when i was in Bali. It was so special. It was great to meet a foreign people. Talked with them and they will correct your grammar. Yes, i learned a lot from them in the short time.

Well, what i want to say, i really need a place. Do you have one, God?



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