#Sunday – The Reason I should Be Blessed for My Life

23 February 2014 § Leave a comment

I never thought before that i will write about this. But, my heart said, i must write this. This is to remind me about how precious my life.

1. I born in the ‘broken’ family. From that, i can learn how to find a true love. I believe when you love someone, you will ‘fight’ to make it work. No matter how hard is that.

2. I born to be a women. Sometimes, i’m curious, if i born to be a man, how it’s that feel? Do i will chasing the girl that i really love? Or i will turned into a bad boy? But honestly, the reason why i love to be a women is that i can wearing a dress, skirt and heels. That makes me feel pretty.

3. I born to be a writer. I like to write. I love poem and fiction story. At least, i have something that make me still alive until now. Or maybe that is the power of my life?

4. I born to be a ‘music’ person. I can’t live without a music. I can’t imagine if i have a life without a music in there. It’s gonna be more boring.

5. I born to be a movie lover. Yes, i can’t admit, i really love watching movie. Sometimes, i learn about life from the movie.

6. I’m a blogger. When i wrote a post on my blog, i always feel happy because i know about this from the first time. Even, my blog is not really famous. But, when i recieved a comment from my readers, i feel happy. I think that’s enough for me.

7. I’m fall in love with green. That color is the one of my character building. You know what, the meaning of green is a peace. Like my name. So, i like to spread a peace to all the people that i met.

8. I’m a moody person. So, i can learn how to control everything in my life. Yes, that’s true! One point!

9.  I have perfectionist mother. To be honest, sometimes, i hate my mom. Because she is really love cleaning. She is like ‘Monica’s from Friends.’ But, from her i can learn how to deliver a good thing to someone. Even sometime, i still can’t do that. Yes, i learned a lot of things from her. Sometimes i hate her, but i love her!

10. I have a calm father. He is a not kind of type father that you want. But He is really love me. He will give everything i want, even he don’t have any money. So, i should be blessed have him in my life. Even, he still no perfect. Well, who is the person that really perfect? No one!

That’s my first list. I will write another list in another time. 🙂



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