#AtNight – Ten to Eleven

27 February 2014 § Leave a comment

I just realized, not just, but i always knew that time move really fast. Yea, everyone knows that.

But, sometimes they just miss the important thing about time. Enjoy it. Two words but always forgetten.

Nothing special tonight. I just remembered the thing that i should not wasting. That is a time.

Honestly, it was really hard. Same like when i was wrote this.

But i tried really harder to make it happen. Even it was not perfect. Even i know you will comment my bad grammar.

But thats okay. When someone make a revise about your work, it means they respect your work. When they give you award, they really appriciate with your hard working.

So…. That’s what i thought about tonight. And i want give you a message, please don’t waste my time with waiting (like waiting a bus) i really hate it! No one like waiting, right? And if you don’t want that i waste your time, please don’t waste mine first. Deal? 😉

Good night!! 😉


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