#FridayNight – Thinking

7 March 2014 § Leave a comment

Maybe, you will never realize until it happened to you.

And it was happened to me.

Some people said, i really suit to be a writer. They like to support me.

Some of them asked me why i’m not become a DJ on Radio Station. (Well, i hope that too)

Some people said, i have a greatest smile. They look me like i never have a problems. (which is they were wrong)

Some of them asked me what i always dream about or what kind of love story that i always expecting. (or it was my question?)

Some people said, i really small or tiny or mini. I always looked them like they were a big giant. (But not like a monster. Thank God!)

Some of them told me to through the boundaries. I like heard this word, “Outside the box. Outside the box” almost everyday. ( Well,sometimes it made me down but not always.)

Some people asked me why i really like green? I always answer them with one word, “Because it make feel calm.” ( first thing that i just realized)

Some of them keep telling me to be a DJ on the Radio Station. Well, every time they asked me, i will said “It was the dream. I have been dreaming about that job since junior high school. ( Wow! Really a long time. Dream job!)

Some people said, “You have a talent. You have an opportunities. You can do it.” Then they will give me a suggestion. (i’m keep listening them)


So what am i thinking? No, the real question, what i will do next? Just listening them or just pretend like i was trying or just keep quite or just do it?


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