#NightThoughts – The long ways

25 March 2014 § Leave a comment

I’ve been thinking for the long time about what i want to be. It’s a same things since i was a little girl.

I still remembered that time when i wrote a letter for a competition. I didn’t won that time and i almost gave up.

Time flies away. And when i was writing on the blog for the first time, my mind keep telling me what i should to do.

But again, i trapped in the scary things.i did really hate that kind of things.

Then before i was publishing my first, i felt like it was wrong. Why? Because i’m not falling im love with my book. What i supposed to do then?

Hmm.. After that, i tried to read again, the things that i wrote. That wasn’t about the fiction. It was about the deep of heart. Silly things about what my heart wants to do next.

Yes, i want to write not a crap things but the valuable things. I don’t want people make a fun about what i wrote. But i want they have a full respect about my dream.

I will show you. Not the next time but now. Seriously!


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