#Tuesday – How I Met your Mother

1 April 2014 § Leave a comment

Okey, i finally finished watch this series. When the first time i knew about how is gonna end, i’m mad. I hated the writers so bad. But after i watching this movie, i realized one thing. This is the love tv story. They still in the plot. Meet, they separated and back together. If they don’t make like that, they will be not a emotional in there.

And it’s so funny when i read the comments about ‘how i met your mother’ ending. Well, believe or not, i heard some same story, only a different angle, about Ted and Robin. Maybe the writers get the point in there. They just want to tell us, sometime, life is not that perfect, but love is always been perfect. If you never felt the hardest part in your life, you never know what kind a love you will give or take.

Even i know, they will end up together. But, in the same point, i just don’t like looking Ted have been hurt all the time because Robin. That’s the reason i don’t like Ted with Robin. But in the end, maybe they just need to make like this.

But i really disspointed, i can’t look the chemistry between Ted and the mother for a long time. That was a really short story. It looks like they force into the ending. If they make a more about how Ted and the mother love life, maybe i can forgiving them. They just really perfect together and i love to heard their story.

And, I kind sad when i watched the episode when Ted letting go Robin to get married with Barney. If they just never work out, why they get married? Yes, in this story, it was like blowing up the magic of the marriage. But that is life. Things happened. Even you already said the vow. Things will happened.  That because not life is sucks, but it was because life is so damn beautiful. And universe always wants you to be happy.

So, maybe that was the universe told Ted how he must be happy. If  in the story, ted and the mother got divorce, maybe i will hate this movie so badly. But, because the mother was dead,  so, i can forgiving. At least, Ted didn’t cheat her to be back with Robin and he really did his vows.

And why is always Robin and Robin? Because Robin always in Ted life. You like it or not, Ted always be there for Robin. They already make a clue for 9 years. So, Robin is so lucky.

Maybe, why i didn’t like Robin end up with Ted, that was because Ted is really perfect to Robin and he needs a girl more than Robin. And he already got it! He have a family and wife.

So, it was fair right? Robin didn’t get a better life either until she realized that Ted was always be there for her. And lucky her, she can win Ted back.

So, yes, this is the happy ending for Robin and Ted and the sad ending for Ted and the Mother.

IF the whole story end in the season 8, maybe we will live in the disney fairy tale story. But because the story end in season 9, we already live in Ted fairy tale story.

You’ve got it the writers!

Anyway, this movie reminds me a some story, from movie and the real story. Did you ever watched
“My Best Friend Wedding”? They created a simillar ending. And one of an artist in Indonesia, if i’m not wrong, she had a same story. She got married and her husband died, no longer after their wedding. Then another year later, she married again with her ex boyfriend,  i think for a long time, and end up together. Now what i can look  about them is a happiness. (hope they will together forever).

Yes, that is a life. Full of suprises and you will never know how is gonna end until you died.

Thank you for make this story! (even i still don’t really like the ending, but okay, i can accepted!)


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