#ThursdayNight – Next Plan

10 April 2014 § Leave a comment

Okay, i really need GET OUT from my parents house. Now, i understand and I agree with west culture. When you 17th, you must get out and have you own life. Without your parents!

I’ve been struggling for 8 years to get out from this house. Yes, i never can be a friend with my parents, especially with my Mom. With all the attitude, i think it’s enough for me. I love my Mom. I know she is not perfect. But i think, i can’t take it anymore. Live a far away from her, i think it would be the best desicion.

I can imagine my life after my brother got married and leave this house. Do i need get married first to leave this house? I don’t think so. I’m a grow woman. I can do whatever i want.

What I really  need is to start build my life. I have a target and goal.

I want to be brave. I don’t want to be a coward forever. I mean, at least, i did something for my life.

So, the best thing for me is to leave this house, move from Jakarta, and have a new life, new path, new friends, new house, and new job.

I need that! Really! I have a dream that i must make it come true, before i become 30th years old. And the time is now!




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