#TuesdayThought – You Never Let Go

27 May 2014 § Leave a comment

Sometimes i always thought that i will let Him go from my life. But i can’t. That because He never let me go.

No matter how far i go, He always run for me.

No matter how scare i am, He always behind me.

No matter how angry i am, He always hugs me and give me a calm.

No matter how sad i am, He always give me a happiness.

He’s like a magnet. He always put me in front His arm. Then, i will never feel sick or sad or angry or even scare.

So, whom shall i fear?

” The God angles armies, is always by my side.”


Maybe i can’t remember all the bible said to me. But i always remember that i have  A BIG GOD beside me.

He never let go, He always be there. He follows me wherever i go.


I had a bad memories. I had  a very sad stories. But He always give me a strenght.

So, whom Shall i fear?

” I’m holding on His promise”


Thank you for give me a life. Thank you for the day that i can celebrate a new me in every year.

Thank you.


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