#MorningThoughts- what i will become

18 June 2014 § Leave a comment

When i was a little girl, i just thought i will become a women who have an apartment, be independent and have a husband who really love me.

Now, when i’m growing up, every years, everything seems so clear.

I want to be a person who have a big love for my family. Maybe my relationship with my mother is not really good( yes, i have a lot different things that never suit with her). But everytime i think about her, i can see what i want to be someday.

I don’t want an apartment, i want a home. The place that i can share a joy. Even i have a tears in there.

I don’t want to be independent, but i want to be myself and loving myself. I want to be what i need to be. Care about life and start do something for the place where i’ve been lived until now.

I don’t want a husband, i want a best friend ( a boy of course) who really love his friends, a father of my child who always take my boy and girl go to the park, play with them and take care about them more than his life (not obsession) and the boy who caring his girl because he really love her.

Last, i just want to be a good mother. Really good mother. A women who really care about her child more than her life. I want to be that girl. Maybe my child will not that good, but i want to love them no matter what and i don’t want blame them for everything.

I want to be a good mother who can tell a good stories about life for them and always behind them no matter what will happen.

Maybe i just want become a person who can learn and keep grow to be a good person not perfect. Just be good. šŸ™‚


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