#NightThoughts – A Long Come down

12 July 2014 § 1 Comment

Being loved. Sometimes we forget what is the meaning about it. Or maybe we just do a denial to not think about it.

But i realized, after i watched “A Long Come Down”, a movie about a four people who met in the rooftop to try suicide but they finally didn’t do and take a desiccion to postpone their plan, life it just need a friend.

Don’t looking a perfect friend, because you will not find it! And also don’t looking a perfect life.

You have a chance to feel life, as supposed to be what you always dream. Feel the love that you always looking for.

There is one way to feel love. It is just opening you heart and let someone hear what you in your thoughts.

Being needed or cared. Don’t think your father or mother doesn’t care about you. Maybe you can’t see what they do or you don’t understand about it. But deep down in their heart, your name always be there.

So, now, i already prove that you have a perfect life. If you think it still something missing, i suggest you to watch the movie in the my title post.

Think 5 second before you jump amd shut down your life



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